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Palm Medical was founded by Dr. Roger Huckfeldt, a trauma and burn surgeon with more than thirty years of healthcare experience. Dr. Huckfeldt’s experience includes an extensive clinical background, product development and commercialization efforts and significant medico-legal experience.

Dr. Roger Huckfeldt

Now retired from the operating room, Dr. Huckfeldt maintains an active role in health care through Palm Medical. In the medico-legal environment, Dr. Huckfeldt utilizes his vast clinical experience to perform case reviews, certified Life Care Plans, and Healthcare Alternative Dispute Resolution. Dr. Huckfeldt also remains active in product development from idea to final commercialized product.


Professional Services


Palm Medical Solutions utilizes our medical experience to provide clients with an array of professional services to fit you and your company’s needs. From medical sales and education to medical legal services that include, mediation and case review, Palm Medical has the expertise to successfully fulfill your needs. Palm Medical Solutions Professional Services include sales force training, healthcare communication and product marketing, product launch facilitation, education program development, and medical legal services.


Physician-led Life Care Planning

Dr. Huckfeldt is certified by the International Commission on Health Care Certification as a Life Care Planner.  Palm Medical believes that Life Care Plans must include Medical Surgical and all healthcare related costs, psychological care, mobility and home care living arrangements, transportation issues, vocational challenges and recreational needs.  By combining medical record reviews, communication with the client’s healthcare providers, direct evaluation of the client in the appropriate environment, and relevant research, Palm Medical provides a comprehensive Life Care Plan that extends beyond simply the healthcare needs of the client.

With his 30 years of trauma and burn experience, Dr. Huckfeldt has a special interest in Life Care Planning for cases involving burn and soft tissue injury, including wound and scar management, and is available to serve these unique cases throughout the United States. Palm Medical is equipped with advanced video technology and omnidirectional photography capabilities to enhance communication with clients and their legal representative in providing a cost effective approach and strengthening our Life Care Plan recommendations.

Medico-Legal Case Review

Palm Medical offers clinical documentation review regarding any aspect of care consistent with his clinical history.  Our case review service is available for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Physician-led Healthcare Mediation

Dr. Huckfeldt is recognized by the National Association of Certified Mediators.  Whether you are faced with mandatory mediation or are seeking proactive alternative dispute resolution, Palm Medical has the tools to help.  Dr. Huckfeldt’s years of clinical experience give him a unique understanding of the parties’ individual problems and objectives.

Product Development


Palm Medical’s team has extensive backgrounds in product development and commercialization. From initial consultation to market and competitive research and product facilitation, Palm works with clients to create mutually successful relationships.


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